He has been a Sommelier for the last ten years, after completing his Hospitality and Sommelier studies in Bordeaux (France).

He has worked in various countries, learning from the most renowned professionals in the field. In the last years, he has extended his activities as sommelier by becoming involved in private wine-tasting sessions, conferences relating to the world of wine, as well as the creation of wine lists for new restaurants and entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry.

He distinguishes himself in his enthusiasm for discovering and learning about everything that this beverage entails, and this is how he began the great adventure of travelling and learning about the different vineyards in various countries. Thanks to his travels, he has developed a special sensibility for learning about and appreciating the hard work done by those who produce the best wines in the world.



Head waiter, responsible for the Maras experience, with more than 15 years of experience in fine dining and luxury standards, with a passion for gastronomy.

In charge of a team of professionals who are focused on providing excellence and warmth in our service; it is they who ensure that a visit to Maras is unforgettable.

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